Mais uma fumaça sai das chaminés da nossa empresa. FILIERE – Die Solutions

In constant evolution,

construction is one of the fastest growing sectors in Brazil; New works; increase in the number of houses, infrastructure and job creation.

These are cities developing and growing every day.

To deal with all this growth and the constant demands for new products and technologies, we develop solutions to meet the needs of our customers.

We are Filiere!

With more than two decades of experience and tradition, Filiere is a company specialized to produce molds for ceramics such as bricks, tiles, floors, with the mission of producing solution for the structural ceramics industry, committed to the technological vanguard.

Our manufacturing unit, located in Valinhos/SP, has modern equipments for the production of parts and components to assemble our molds, fully integrated into a quality system that guarantees production within the strict norms, certifications and standards required by the market.

Our team of designers and programmers develop the most diverse solutions in molds, using modern software, which allows the visualization of the parts and their fittings even before they are produced, and in total alignment with the project and the needs of our customers.

With a semi-automated process, we guarantee full operational compliance within the tolerance and requirements of the market.

Through our own and outsourced logistics system, we serve the entire national territory and countries of South America.

Our employees are trained and qualified, and our sales team is prepared to provide advisory services to our customers.

We aim to improve corporate and industrial processes, always seeking to evolve in internal and external relations.

All our waste is disposed of in accordance with legislation, in a safe and responsible manner, reinforcing our commitment to sustainability and the environment.

Making the present, but looking to the future, Filiere is always attentive to innovations; to trends for construction; to the diversities of formats and mainly to the needs of our customers.

We value ethics, professionalism, respect for life and sustainability.

Filiere – Die Solutions

Bringing a solution to your company


FILIERE – Die Solutions

Atendimento Telefone: 19 3881-2555


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